Age Rules
Our age requirements are 13 and older. If the participant is younger than 13, we require them to come to our Beginner Nights on Thursdays and Fridays. Once they attend of few Beginner nights, our referees will okay them to play on regular nights based on their performance and attitude.
Airsoft Battlegrounds Rules
- Guns must be pointed downward at all times, unless shooting a target.
- Magazines must not be in guns until you are on the field and ready to play.
- Fingers are OFF the trigger at all times.
- Firing guns in non-playing areas for any reason will result in ejection from Airsoft Battlegrounds WITHOUT refund.
- Keep your load area neat- You are responsible for YOUR equipment.
- Any participant under the age of 18 must have their waiver signed by a parent or guardian. The waivers are available online to print at home.

You will be asked to leave if:
- You are caught cheating.
- You are caught using glass or hard acrylic BB's.
- You are not calling your hits.
- You start fights with other players or referees.
- You are drunk or high.

And most of all... ... You must have fun!!!

Field Rules
- Eye protection MUST be worn at ALL times during games. NO EXCEPTIONS.

- Full face masks are required. Full seal goggles are accepted only if worn with approved lower face protection.

- Neoprene masks, scarves, etc. are not allowed and will not be approved.

- Test firing guns without permission from field ref is not allowed.

- BB and sounds grenades are allowed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but must be rolled underhand.

- All guns must be chronographed and tagged everytime gun leaves premises. NO EXCEPTIONS.

- All AEG's (Airsoft Electric Gun) need's to shoot below or at 400 FPS (Feet Per Second)

- All pistol's need to shoot below or at 350 FPS (Feet Per Second).

- .23g and .25g BB's cannot be used to pass the chronograph, but may be used to play with.
(We Crono With .20g Only)

- Before exiting field, remove mag from gun and fire two shots on semi into discharge buckets.

Game Rules

- Shooting players with an AEG within 10ft. is not allowed. Must surrender opposing players when within 10ft.

- If you violate the 10ft. rule, call yourself out and apologize to other player.

- When surrendering another player, you must point your gun at player before he points his at you- if both point simultaneously , both are out.

- Friendly fire and surrenders DO count.

- Ricochets DO NOT count. However, if you are not sure, call yourself out.

- One hit and you are out!! All shots from head to your toes count. Raise your hand and shout "dead" or "out" and head to respond or staging.

- Remember to CALL YOUR HITS. Be Honest! Refs carry guns and will frequently "test" players. Failing a test will result in missing games or ejection from Airsoft Battlegrounds.